The Metamorphosis Project: Vol. 3

Portraits of Being

By Marla Klein

The Metamorphosis Project started from the desire and need to make transgender voices heard — ones that say we all deserve love and respect. It’s an ongoing photo series documenting gender transition and expression in their many forms and stages. This third volume features personal journal entries from five collaborators and portraits showcasing every unique journey by photographer Marla Klein.


“Reminiscing on transness is kind of like trying to interpret dreams—things shift and flow, time is not linear, nothing really makes sense, and everyone sees something different. But everything has an unfocused shimmer to it, a hint of waking reality that you can’t quite put your finger on.”

– gideon, Volume 3 collaborator


Marla Klein

I’m a photographer and art director based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My work focuses primarily on building compassion for our human experience through conceptual portraits, which is why I believe humans create art. I think we all feel the need to document, to feel as though we’ve left our mark on the world in some way. We have the power to share our own stories in the hopes of joining together those searching for that connection, too.

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The Metamorphosis Project Vol. 3

Portraits of Being

120 Page Paperback

A portion of the profits will go to each person photographed in the book. Your support is greatly appreciated.


The Metamorphosis Project is made possible due to generous contributions from the Minnesota State Arts Board and Target Corporation.

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